Our Process


We get to know you, your business, and what your goals are for the project. Do you have established marketing targets? Who do you see as a typical visitor to your website? How will they find it, and then, how will they use it? Will there be a compelling reason for visitors to return? Will we be incorporating social media into the site? Most importantly: What do YOU want to get out of your website? 

With these requirements, we can plan out not just your website, but the entire visitor experience. A website without a detailed plan is like buried treasure without a map – useless.

Discovering our course
Researching markets and competitors


Based on the requirements gathered in the Discovery step, we perform in-depth research into your industry and market, noting competitors along the way. We note what works for your competitors, and discuss with you what elements from those sites you would like incorporated into your website. And if you have specific ideas already, we certainly take those into account.

Then we put together a design strategy and schedule to best meet your goals within your budget and timeframe.

Design & Develop

After completing our research, we put together a color scheme, propose a navigation/menu structure, and mock up the site. At this phase, many web design firms provide you with static images representing their vision, but because we have a quick development framework, we begin showing you actual web pages so you can not only see but experience your site as it comes to life.

We keep you involved at every step to finalize your branding, graphics and content. We’re not happy with it unless you are.

Website Design and Development with deus designs
Launching a Website with deus designs


Once the site is built, we test it to make sure it looks great on every device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) and every modern browser. A site that looks good, but that doesn’t work, is no good to anyone.

If the client wants to be able to add content to the site on their own, this is where training is provided. Of course, not everyone has time to add content to their website – and we’re here to help with that, too. Who better to manage the site than the team who built it?


Every site we build supports Google Analytics. If you do not already have a Google Analytics account set up, we will handle that for you and incorporate Google’s traffic tracking into your site.

We offer various levels of reporting, too, for those interested in how the site performs, how keywords rank, and what strategies your competitors may be using that you can adopt, counter… or both!

Website Reporting with deus designs
Website maintenance and hosting with deus designs

Maintenance and Support

A website is never done. As a complex piece of software, a modern Content Management System (CMS) requires updates, upgrades, security patches and bugfixes on a regular basis – not to mention backups! 

We offer reasonable hosting rates on our own, dedicated private server so that we can guarantee the best performance and reliability for our clients. We monitor all our website for uptime, and are notified within minutes if a site goes down (typically, sites are down for no more than a total of about 8 minutes in an entire year!).

Of course, if you want to host your site elsewhere, we’re more than happy to migrate the finished site to your provider of choice.


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