Billing Terms and Conditions

For Projects:

deus designs typically works on a schedule of half down to begin work, with the remaining half of the project amount due upon completion. The final amount is required for the site/project to go live and be otherwise delivered. For some larger projects, this schedule may be broken into smaller segments and scheduled out over a period of time in order to keep work moving forward and work within budgets.

For Monthly Services:

deus designs bills monthly for all recurring services. The due date for these services is the first day of the month that services are rendered in. You will receive an auto-generated invoice for your service(s) on the due date.

All payments are processed through PayPal.

Late Fees:

An invoice that is not paid within 10 (ten) days of the due date is considered Late and will be assessed a 10% late fee per month that it is late.

Past Due Accounts:

An account with one or more Late Invoices (or, a yearly invoice that is one month or more late) is considered Past Due. When an account becomes past due, all services provided by deus designs are immediately suspended/desctivated and will remain so until the past due account is brought to 100% current. Services that are deactivated may be subject to a reactivation fee.

Account Cancellation:

You may cancel your services with deus designs at any time. If you have been billed for services and not yet paid when you decide to cancel, that amount is still due as services for that month will have already been (at least partially, if not fully) rendered. Should your cancellation require additional time/work due to the cancellation (such as packaging up your website for transport to another host/provider), you will be billed at deus designs‘ regular hourly rate to accomplish this. Any such additional work will be provided upon full payment of any outstanding balances.

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