Montgomery County Historical Commission

About The Montgomery County Historical Commission:

The official Texas state agency for historical preservation, the Texas Historical Commission (THC), was created originally in 1953 as the Texas State Historical Survey Committee by the Texas Legislature. It retained that title until the 63rd Legislature changed it to the Texas Historical Commission. The Montgomery County Historical Commission (MCHC) is a duly constituted organization of Montgomery County government composed of citizen members who are appointed by the County Commissioners and serve for two year terms. The Commission reports to the County Judge and the Commissioners Court, and also to the Texas Historical Commission.

The County Historical Commission has followed the Texas Historical Commission’s on-going purpose of surveying, recording and promoting the appreciation of local history as well as marking those historic sites and structures deemed worthy of preservation for either historical or architectural reasons.

The Commission works in various fields, including archeology, architecture, history, economic development and heritage tourism for the benefit of present and future generations. The agency helps identify and preserve historic sites and helps to preserve the heritage of Montgomery County.

Project Features:

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Interactive Google Map that uses custom map markers to display historical locations and information for the area, based on easily-updatable data contained in the WordPress database.

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