Lorena Perez-McGill for Texas House 2020

lorena for texas 2020 showcase
About The Lorena Perez-McGill for Texas House 2020 Campaign Site:
Lorena Perez McGill is a dynamic lawyer, professor, wife, mother and immigrant with decades of experience bringing people together to help those who need help most. She is a fiscally conservative, moderate Democrat who believes it’s time to stop fighting in Austin and start fixing the actual day-to-day problems facing Texans. Lorena wants to make our state a better place for ALL Texans by focusing on real business and infrastructure challenges, improving opportunities in schools, and working with immigrant communities on common-sense reforms
For her 2020 Campaign Site, Lorena came back to us and asked for a completely new design, one that could focus on being a portal to social media and aggregate from her various feeds. We provided her with a slick, streamlined new website that put interactivity and social media postings right up front where you can’t miss them, while still having an informative site for those looking to know more about the candidate.
Project Features:
  • Complete Website design from the ground up
  • Facebook integrated feed for quick updates
  • Features a CRM for campaign management
  • Responsive website
  • Linked to ActBlue for fundraising

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