Kempac Plastic Random Packing

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About Kempac Plastic Random Packing:

KemFlo is a leader in the injection molding industry offering complete design and engineering services for injection molded products, and they offer a complete line of plastic random packing products through our Kempac product line.

Their old website was a non-responsive design that just wasn’t working for them anymore. It also was not optimized for good performance in search. With an eye towards keeping their brand identity consistent, we revitalized their website with a modern, responsive design that would not totally shock their long-time customers.

Project Features:

Responsive WordPress Theme/Design
Looks great on any device you’re visiting the site on.

Google Analytics
For the first time, Kempac will know how many people visit their site, where they come from, and what they’re doing on the site. This will help them evaluate their ROI and aid in the decision-making regarding their online presence.

Search Engine Optimization
Kempac’s market space is a crowded one, and we are evaluating their search engine presence every month and making recommendations as to what kind of content they should add to the site in order to improve their search rankings. Over the last year, we have seen improvement month-over-month based on our feedback to them.

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