Bring Therapy

Sycamore Creek Ranch Memory Care

About Bring Therapy:

Bring Therapy provides Physical Therapy where and how you need it the most. They offer alternate solutions to your Physical Therapy and Rehab needs and provide you with greater access to individualized care via Telehealth so you don’t have to go to a doctor’s office for your needs.

About The Project:

Bring Therapy needed a way to provide content in both English and Spanish, without relying on auto-translate tools that read as if a machine had simple performed a sterile translation. In addition, because the content flowed differently in Spanish than in English, it would need language-specific formatting. The site provides both, with an easy way to switch back and forth between languages.

Project Features:

Custom One-Page Website

Responsive Web Design

English and Spanish content

English to Spanish (and Spanish to English) On-Page Translation

SEO Optimization

Custom Contact Form (both English and Spanish versions)

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